How to Buy a Membership?
At the top of every page on CPE Depot is a blue header bar which has the Buy Membership link.

Click on the Buy Membership link and the page to buy a membership will be displayed. The first section of the page has three check boxes to allow you to purchase one or more of the membership types that CPE Depot offers.

A Self Study Membership allows you to take any self study courses or on-demand webinars on CPE Depot. However, live webinars and ethics courses are not included in the self study membership. A Webinar Membership allows you to participate in any live webinar or on-demand offered by CPE Depot. Webinars are scheduled to be presented at specific dates and times. An Ethics Membership allows you to take any ethics course or ethics webinar offered by CPE Depot. Most ethics courses are offered as self study courses. A Nano Membership allows you to take any nano learning course offered by CPE Depot. Nano learning is the newest format of course we offer - 10 minute video based courses. You can select any or all of the above membership types for purchase. 

The All Access Membership is a combination of all our memberships and will allow you to take any course (self study, live or on-demand webinar, ethics and nano learning) on CPE Depot.

Note - Ethics for Virginia CPAs must be purchased as an individual webinar or course.

After you have selected the membership types you would like to buy you will need to provide your account information. The password you enter will be the password used to access your account on
After you enter your account information you must agree to the terms of use for The terms can be viewed by clicking on the Show link. To agree to the terms simply click on the checkbox as shown below.

Next, you will need to provide your payment information. First, you must select your payment method. By default, Pay By Credit Card is selected. Next, select your credit card type and enter your credit card information. Next, enter the billing address associated with your credit card.

If you prefer to send a check payment for your membership you can select Mail Your Payment

If you prefer to FAX your payment information for your membership you can select FAX In Your Payment

After entering your payment information you will need to complete your payment by clicking on the Confirm button.


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