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  FIN-KEY-G90051 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards - Webinar 2.003/28/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-VAT-G10551 Value Added Tax (VAT) - Webinar 1.504/4/2023 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-BILLRIGHTS-G4290 The Taxpayer Bill of Rights - Webinar 1.504/11/2023 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  FIN-ENTREP-G90040 Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics - Webinar 4.504/18/2023 10AM-2:30PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-AUDIT-G12220 Unleashing Excel: Auditing Spreadsheets - Webinar 2.004/25/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-BASIC-G17811 Unleashing Excel: Basic Excel Skills for Accountants - Webinar 2.005/2/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-COURT-G10250 Tax Court Decisions 1.505/9/2023 10AM-11:30PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-DATETIME-G17801 Unleashing Excel: Dates and Times - Webinar 2.005/16/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  SPEC-STOCK-G10521 Stock Trading - Webinar 1.505/23/2023 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-XLOOK-G12210 Unleashing Excel: XLOOKUP - Webinar 2.005/30/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  SPEC-SPAC-G63021 SPACs: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies - Webinar 1.506/6/2023 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  HR-PAYROLL-G12140 Unleashing Excel: Payroll Analysis - Webinar 2.006/13/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  GAUD-YELLBK-G10160 2018 GAO "Yellow Book" Update - Webinar 1.506/20/2023 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-LGSPREAD-G12379 Unleashing Excel: Taming Large Spreadsheets 2.006/27/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-INVESTTAX-G10140 The Trusted Advisor - Investments and Taxes 2.007/11/2023 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-QUIRKS-G12309 Unleashing Excel: Nuances and Quirks - Webinar 2.007/18/2023 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-POWERPT-G10230 Tech 101: Powerpoint 1.007/25/2023 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 


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