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  TAX-REALPASS-G14059 Real Estate Professionals and the Passive Activity Rules 2.003/26/2019 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-PRANKS-G12319 Unleashing Excel: Spreadsheet Pranks 1.004/1/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-EDUCATE-G10049 Education Benefits & Tax Credits 1.504/9/2019 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-EDUCATE-G10059 Tax Considerations for Education Savings & Expenses 2.004/16/2019 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  HR-PAYROLL-G12149 Unleashing Excel: Payroll Analysis 2.004/23/2019 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-BUDGET-G12159 Unleashing Excel: Budget Spreadsheets 2.004/30/2019 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  GAUD-YELLBK-G10169 2018 GAO "Yellow Book" Update 1.505/7/2019 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  BMO-T5EREE-G10179 "Take 5" Bad Bosses/Bad Employees 1.005/14/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  ECON-T5BEY19-G10189 "Take 5" Beyond 2019, the big worries 1.005/16/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-SLACK-G10229 Tech 101: Slack 1.005/21/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-POWERPT-G10239 Tech 101: Powerpoint 1.005/23/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  SPEC-T5FINPLAN-G1019 "Take 5" Financial Planning made easy‚Ķ... 1.005/28/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  BMO-T5VALUE-G10209 "Take 5" Let's chat about VALUE 1.005/30/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 


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