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  COMP-DUPLIC-G12329 Unleashing Excel: Dealing with Duplicates 2.003/31/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-FASTDEPN-G14399 Fast Depreciation under the TCJA - Webinar 2.004/7/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-SLACK-G10229 Tech 101: Slack 1.004/14/2020 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-VLOOKUP-G12008 Unleashing Excel: Lookup Functions - Webinar 2.004/21/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-WHATIF-G12118 Unleashing Excel: What-If Analysis - Webinar 2.004/28/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  SPEC-T5FINPLAN-G1019 "Take 5" Financial Planning made easy‚Ķ... 1.005/5/2020 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-SETAXLLC-G14019 Self-Employment Tax for LLC Members - Webinar 2.005/12/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-SPRDPT1-G12239 Intro to Spreadsheets - Part 1 2.005/19/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-SPRDPT2-G12249 Intro to Spreadsheets - Part 2 2.005/26/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-TANGPER-G10069 Capitalization of Tangible Personal Property 2.006/2/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-199ARE-G14089 Sec. 199A Tax Strategies: Rental Real Estate - Webinar 2.006/9/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-WBKLINKS-G12209 Unleashing Excel: Workbook Links 2.006/16/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-BUDGET-G12159 Unleashing Excel: Budget Spreadsheets 2.006/23/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-OPTRSU-G10099 Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units 2.006/30/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-199ALMT-G14099 Sec. 199A Tax Strategies: Wage, Property, and Other Limits - Webinar 2.007/7/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-199ASSTB-G14109 Sec. 199A Tax Strategies: SSTBs - Webinar 2.007/14/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-EXCELPRT-G12019 Unleashing Excel: Developing Robust Financial Statements 2.007/21/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-WATERFALL-G12389 Unleashing Excel: Waterfall Calculations 2.507/28/2020 10AM-12:30PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-LGSPREAD-G12379 Unleashing Excel: Taming Large Spreadsheets 2.008/4/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-REALPASS-G14059 Real Estate Professionals and the Passive Activity Rules - Webinar 2.008/11/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-SPEED1-G12359 Unleashing Excel: Speed Tips Part 1 2.008/18/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-SPEED2-G12369 Unleashing Excel: Speed Tips Part 2 2.008/25/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-SCORP-G14029 Reasonable Compensation for S Corp Shareholders - Webinar 2.009/1/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-DASHPT1-G12209 Unleashing Excel: Dashboards Part 1 2.009/8/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-DASHPT2-G12219 Unleashing Excel: Dashboards Part 2 2.009/15/2020 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 


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