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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  BMO-AGRM-4013 Accountant’s Guide to Retail Management 13.00 
  BMO-T5EREE-10170 Bad Bosses & Bad Employees - Self Study 1.00 
  BMO-ESSENTIALS-4573 Business Essentials: Concepts and Tools 7.50 
  BMO-LEGALENV-4661 Business Law: The Legal Environment of Business 12.00 
  BMO-SMALLBUS-40133 How to Organize and Run a Small Business 8.00 
  BMO-T5VALUE-10209 Let’s Chat About Value 1.00 
  BMO-MANAGEMENT-4881 Management Handbook 8.00 
  BMO-OKR-90022B Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) 3.00 
  BMO-PROJMGT-40051 Project Management: A Financial Perspective 9.00 
  BMO-BENCHMARK-40111 Quality Management and Benchmarking 2.00 
  BMO-SCAMS1-N10650 Scams: Protecting your Business Part 1 0.20 
  BMO-SCAMS2-N10660 Scams: Protecting your Business Part 2 0.20 
  BMO-SCAMS3-N10670 Scams: Protecting your Business Part 3 0.20 
  BMO-STRATEGIC-40141 Strategic Management: Concepts and Tools 10.50 


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