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 Course NoNameRecommended CPEDate & Time 
  CFP-BEHAV-90023 #1 Behavioral Finance 3.00  
  CFP-CONCTOOL-4813 #1 Financial Concepts and Tools for Financial Planners 3.00  
  CFP-FORECAST-40103 #1 Financial Forecasting: Tools and Applications 5.50  
  CFP-WEALTH-12023 #1 Principles of Wealth Management 6.00  
  CFP-TVM-4073 #1 Time Value of Money: Useful Applications 2.00  
  FIN-MERGERS-4683 A Practical Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures 6.00  
  FIN-FINMGT-46703 Accountant’s Guide to Financial Management 15.00  
  FIN-CAPBUD-90023 Analyzing Whether to Add New Locations – Capital Budgeting 4.00  
  FIN-BEHAV-90022 Behavioral Finance 4.50  
  FIN-BEHAV1-G90022 Behavioral Finance Part 1 - Webinar 2.007/30/2024 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  FIN-BEHAV2-G90022 Behavioral Finance Part 2 - Webinar 1.508/6/2024 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  FIN-BETBUDG-90023 Better Budgeting: Budgeting for Better Decisions 9.50  
  FIN-ENVIRON-90024 Business Environmental Analysis: Finance’s Role 2.50  
  FIN-BUSLOAN-90013 Business Loan Basics 2.00  
  FIN-STATEMTS-90024 Common-Size Financial Analysis 1.50  
  FIN-BUSMATH-40143 Complete Business Math for Accountants 17.00  
  FIN-CGMFM-4022 Controllers’ Guide to Multinational Financial Management 14.00  
  FIN-DERIVHEDGE-7013 Derivatives & Hedging for Accountants 5.50  
  FIN-ECONIND-7043 Economic Indicators: A Comprehensive Overview 11.50  
  FIN-ENTREP-90040 Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics - Self Study 6.00  
  FIN-CONCTOOL-4813 Financial Concepts and Tools for Managers 6.00  
  FIN-FORECAST-40103 Financial Forecasting: Tools and Applications 8.00  
  FIN-MARKETS-7033 Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Overview 12.00  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10290 Franchises: Business Model 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10330 Franchises: Disclosure Document Part 1 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10340 Franchises: Disclosure Document Part 2 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10350 Franchises: Disclosure Document Part 3 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10360 Franchises: Disclosure Document Part 4 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10300 Franchises: Due Diligence 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10320 Franchises: FTC Franchise Rule 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10280 Franchises: Overview 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10310 Franchises: Selection 0.20  
  FIN-FRCHS-N10370 Franchises: Trends 0.20  
  FIN-INVEST-1521 Investment Evaluation and Accounting Treatment 4.00  
  FIN-KEYTB-90062 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards 2.50  
  FIN-KEY-90051 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards - Self Study 2.50  
  FIN-IMPCASH-4643 Managing and Improving Your Cash Flow 6.50  
  FIN-CASH-90033 Managing Cash Flow - Self Study 3.00  
  FIN-MARPROF-90020 Marginal Profitability Analysis - Self Study 1.00  
  FIN-BUDGPROF-4623 Modern Budgeting for Profit Planning and Control 11.00  
  FIN-FINPLAN-48291 Personal Financial Planning for Accountants 17.00  
  FIN-PROFIT-90024 Pricing for Profitability 6.00  
  FIN-WEALTH-12024 Principles of Wealth Management 9.00  
  FIN-SBA-90023 SBA Loans: Funding and Resources for Small Businesses 2.50  
  FIN-FINANALYSIS-4873 Techniques of Financial Analysis, Modeling, and Forecasting 13.00  
  FIN-TVM-4074 Time Value of Money – Useful Applications 3.00  


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