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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  TAX-1040-5393 1040 Workshop 28.00 
  ACT-FASB-8190 2021 FASB Review 2.00 
  ACT-ACTFIN-4701 Accounting and Finance for Business Analysis 14.50 
  ACT-COVID4-6183 Accounting and Financial Reporting in a Post-COVID Economy – Inflation, Supply Chains, Interest Rates and Recession: 202 4.00 
  ACT-FINSTATE-40081 Analysis and Uses of Financial Statements 10.00 
  FIN-CAPBUD-90022 Analyzing Whether to Add New Locations – Capital Budgeting 4.00 
  FIN-BEHAV-90022 Behavioral Finance 4.50 
  ACT-CLIMATE-7102 Climate Change Accounting & Sustainability Reporting 3.50 
  FIN-ENTREP-90040 Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics - Self Study 6.00 
  TAX-FALL-2022 Fall 2022 Newsletter 2.00 
  ACT-GAAPHOT-16922 GAAP Hot Topics – What You Need to Know 16.00 
  TAX-INFL-12023 Inflation Reduction Act 2.00 
  TAX-INFL-5393-M Inflation Reduction Act Summary 2.00 
  TAX-COLLECT-12023 IRS Collections & Installment Arrangements 2.00 
  ACT-ACQCOMB-25002 Know the Differences Between an Asset Acquisition vs. Business Combination 1.00 
  TAX-NAVIRS-3183 Navigating an IRS Audit 3.00 
  TAX-SCHC-12023 Navigating Form 1040 Schedule C 3.00 
  BMO-OKR-90022B Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) 3.00 
  FIN-SBA-90023 SBA Loans: Funding and Resources for Small Businesses 2.50 
  ACT-PAYDISC-25002 SEC Pay Versus Performance Disclosures – What You Need to Know 1.00 
  TAX-SPRING-2023 Spring 2023 Newsletter 2.00 
  TAX-SUMMER-2023 Summer 2023 Newsletter 2.00 
  AUD-FRAUDSTMT-0122 The Detection and Prevention of Fraud in Financial Statements 4.00 
  TAX-WINTER-2022 Winter 2022 Newsletter 2.00 


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