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  SPEC-INVEST-4561 A Complete Guide to Investing 12.00  
  SPEC-BITCO6-N10760 Bitcoin & Retailers 0.20  
  SPEC-BITCO3-N10730 Bitcoin Investing 0.20  
  SPEC-ECOMM-4999 E-Commerce: Application and Technology 6.00  
  SPEC-NONPROFIT-40093 Financial Essentials for Nonprofit Managers 12.00  
  SPEC-T5FINPLAN-1019 Financial Planning Made Easy 1.00  
  SPEC-GCREF-4040 Guide to Commercial Real Estate and Finance 9.00  
  SPEC-LGTRMCARE-3211 Long Term Care Fundamentals 5.00  
  SPEC-MEDIC-N10430 Medicare: Basics Part 1 0.20  
  SPEC-MEDIC-N10440 Medicare: Basics Part 2 0.20  
  SPEC-MEDIC-N10450 Medicare: Enrollment Part 1 0.20  
  SPEC-MEDIC-N10460 Medicare: Enrollment Part 2 0.20  
  SPEC-PRSLFEINS-3220 Personal Life Insurance Planning 4.00  
  SPEC-REMATH-40122 Real Estate Accounting and Mathematics 3.00  
  SPEC-SOCSEC-N10380 Social Security: Basics 0.20  
  SPEC-SOCSEC-N10400 Social Security: Family Benefits 0.20  
  SPEC-SOCSEC-N10420 Social Security: Pension Offset 0.20  
  SPEC-SOCSEC-N10390 Social Security: Retirement Age 0.20  
  SPEC-SOCSEC-N10410 Social Security: Special Rules 0.20  
  SPEC-SPAC-63021 SPACs: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies - Self Study 2.00  
  SPEC-SPAC-G63021 SPACs: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies - Webinar 1.506/6/2023 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  SPEC-STOCK-10521 Stock Trading - Self Study 2.00  
  SPEC-STOCK-G10521 Stock Trading - Webinar 1.505/23/2023 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-INVESTTAX-G10140 The Trusted Advisor - Investments and Taxes 2.007/11/2023 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  SPEC-VALUATION-40071 Valuations: Businesses, Securities and Real Estate 2.50  


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