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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  FIN-INVEST-4568 A Complete Guide to Investing 12.00 
  BMO-AGRM-4017 Accountant’s Guide to Retail Management 13.00 
  FIN-ETF-0116 Exchange Traded Funds 3.00 
  SPEC-NONPROFIT-40098 Financial Essentials for Nonprofit Managers 12.00 
  CFP-FINPLAN-4829 Financial Planning for Success - 2019 10.50 
  SKA-GCREF-4047 Guide to Commercial Real Estate and Finance 11.00 
  FIN-FINPLAN-4827 Personal Financial Planning for Accountants 17.00 
  SPEC-REMATH-40128 Real Estate Accounting and Mathematics 3.00 
  SPEC-REFIN-40138 Real Estate Financing and Investment 6.00 
  FIN-TVM-4077 Time Value of Money: Useful Applications 2.50 
  FIN-VALUATIONS-40077 Valuations: Businesses, Securities and Real Estate 2.50 


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