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  SKA-EXCELARRAYS-2116 Arrays: A Powerful Excel Tool 1.50  
  SKA-CUSTOMFUNC-2306 Creating Custom Functions in Excel 1.00  
  SPEC-EXCELCHART-2028 Creating Effective Charts 3.00  
  COMP-EXCELDEC-2569 Decision-Making Functions in Excel 1.50  
  SKA-DASHEXCEL-2407 Drive Your Dashboard with Excel 5.50  
  SKA-EXCELCHARTS-2136 Dynamic & Interactive Charts - Excel 2007/2010/2013 1.50  
  SKA-TIMEVALUE-2437 Excel Time Value of Money Functions for CPAs 2.00  
  SKA-EXCELTIPS-2097 Excel Tips, Tricks and Tools for CPAs 3.00  
  SKA-EXCELBEST-2447 Excel Worksheets – Best Practices 2.00  
  SKA-DATAEXCEL-2357 Managing Data with Excel 2.00  
  SKA-EXCELFUNCS-2176 Must Know Excel Functions for CPAs 4.50  
  SKA-OPTIMIZE-2326 Optimizing Search Results with Google 1.00  
  COMP-VLOOKADV-12068 Unleashing Excel: Advanced Lookup Functions 2.00  
  COMP-ADVPIVOT-12168 Unleashing Excel: Advanced Pivot Tables - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-CUSTVIEW-12178 Unleashing Excel: Custom Views - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-DASHPT1-12209 Unleashing Excel: Dashboards Part 1 2.00  
  COMP-DASHPT2-12219 Unleashing Excel: Dashboards Part 2 2.00  
  COMP-EXCELFORM-12229 Unleashing Excel: Deconstructing Formulas 2.00  
  COMP-EXCELFM-G12229 Unleashing Excel: Deconstructing Formulas 2.009/17/2019 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-PROMPTS-12198 Unleashing Excel: Error Prompts - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-EXCELSPD-12048 Unleashing Excel: Error-Proofing Spreadsheets - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-INTERACT-12128 Unleashing Excel: Interactive Spreadsheets - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-INTERNAL-12058 Unleashing Excel: Internal Controls - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-SPREADPT1-12239 Unleashing Excel: Intro to Spreadsheets Part 1 2.00  
  COMP-SPREADPT2-12249 Unleashing Excel: Intro to Spreadsheets Part 2 2.00  
  COMP-LOGIC-12088 Unleashing Excel: Logic Functions - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-VLOOKUP-12008 Unleashing Excel: Lookup Functions - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-MACROPT1-12259 Unleashing Excel: Macros Part 1 2.00  
  COMP-MACROPT2-12269 Unleashing Excel: Macros Part 2 2.00  
  COMP-MACROPT3-12279 Unleashing Excel: Macros Part 3 2.00  
  COMP-MACROPT4-12289 Unleashing Excel: Macros Part 4 2.00  
  COMP-QUIRKS-12309 Unleashing Excel: Nuances and Quirks 2.00  
  COMP-QUIRKS-G12309 Unleashing Excel: Nuances and Quirks 2.0010/15/2019 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-OFFICE365-12138 Unleashing Excel: Office 365 - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-PRINTING-12299 Unleashing Excel: Printing and Page Layout 2.00  
  COMP-PRINT-G12299 Unleashing Excel: Printing and Page Layout 2.0010/1/2019 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-WAYS2SUM-12098 Unleashing Excel: Several Ways to Sum - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-TABLE-12108 Unleashing Excel: Table Feature - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-WHATIF-12118 Unleashing Excel: What-If Analysis 2.00  
  COMP-WBKLINKS-12208 Unleashing Excel: Workbook Links - Self Study 2.00  
  COMP-PIVOT-2337 Use Pivot Tables to Organize, Summarize & Analyze Data 2.00  
  SKA-SOLVER-2347 Using Excel 2010-2016 Solver for Optimum Business Solutions 1.50  


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