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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  TECH-COMPIT-4941 Accountant's Guide to Computers and Information Technology 6.00 
  TECH-DIGASSETS-2582 Accounting for Digital Assets in Estate Planning 1.00 
  TECH-BIZINFO-N10780 Business Data: Assessment 0.20 
  TECH-BIZINFO-N10830 Business Data: Disposal & Response 0.20 
  TECH-DISPOS-N10930 Business Data: Disposal Part 1 0.20 
  TECH-DISPOS-N10940 Business Data: Disposal Part 2 0.20 
  TECH-DISPOS-N10950 Business Data: Disposal Part 3 0.20 
  TECH-BIZINFO-N10770 Business Data: Overview 0.20 
  TECH-BIZINFO-N10790 Business Data: Security Part 1 0.20 
  TECH-BIZINFO-N10800 Business Data: Security Part 2 0.20 
  TECH-BIZINFO-N10810 Business Data: Security Part 3 0.20 
  TECH-BIZINFO-N10820 Business Data: Security Part 4 0.20 
  TECH-CPSEC-2743 Computer and Data Security Basics for the CPA 1.00 
  TECH-COMPSEC-4953 Cybersecurity – A Guide for Accountants 10.00 
  TECH-BREACH-N10260 Data Breach: Fix Vulnerabilities 0.20 
  TECH-BREACH-N10270 Data Breach: Notification 0.20 
  TECH-BREACH-N10240 Data Breach: Overview 0.20 
  TECH-BREACH-N10250 Data Breach: Securing Operations 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-10249 Information Security - Self Study 2.00 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10090 Information Security: Best Practices Part 1 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10100 Information Security: Best Practices Part 2 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10070 Information Security: Detect and Respond 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10010 Information Security: Fundamentals 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10040 Information Security: Identify 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10020 Information Security: Managing Risk Part 1 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10030 Information Security: Managing Risk Part 2 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10050 Information Security: Protection Part 1 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10060 Information Security: Protection Part 2 0.20 
  TECH-INFOSEC-N10080 Information Security: Recover 0.20 
  TECH-SECURE-3183 Keeping Taxpayer Data Secure 3.00 
  TECH-CUSTINFO-N10170 Security: Customer Information 0.20 
  IT-DATABASE-12189 Unleashing Excel: Database Techniques - Self Study 2.00 


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