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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  ECON-BITCO2-N10720 Bitcoin & Blockchain 0.20 
  ECON-BITCO1-N10710 Bitcoin Basics 0.20 
  ECON-DJIA-N10680 Dow Jones Index (DJIA) Explained 0.20 
  ECON-ISSUES-N10120 Escalating Debt 0.20 
  ECON-NASDAQ-N10700 NASDAQ Explained 0.20 
  ECON-ISSUES-N10140 Personal Debt 0.20 
  ECON-ISSUES-N10150 Population Trends 0.20 
  ECON-SP500-N10690 S&P 500 Index Explained 0.20 
  ECON-ISSUES-N10110 Social (In)Security 0.20 
  ECON-ISSUES-N10160 State Pension Meltdown 0.20 
  ECON-ISSUES-N10130 The Tipping Point 0.20 
  ECON-ECON-40062 Understanding the Economy 8.00 


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