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  ECON-T5BEY19-G10189 "Take 5" Beyond 2019, the big worries 1.005/16/2019 10AM-11AM (Pacific Time) 
  ECO-EABSD-4037 Economic Analysis for Business and Strategic Decisions 11.00  
  FIN-ECONIND-7047 Economic Indicators: A Comprehensive Overview 11.50  
  CFP-ECONIND-7049 Economic Indicators: A Comprehensive Overview - 2019 5.00  
  FIN-MARKETS-7037 Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Overview 12.00  
  CFP-MARKETS-7039 Understanding Financial Instruments and Financial Markets - 2019 5.00  
  ECO-ECON-40067 Understanding the Economy 7.50  


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