Complete Business Math for Accountants
Complete Business Math for Accountants provides accountants, managers, and business entrepreneurs with the information, analyses, and insights necessary to analyze and calculate the consequences of a wide range of business financial strategies and problems. The ability to select the right operational technique is vital if the business is to survive, profit, and grow in today's uncertain economic environment. The owner of a small business must be able to make the right financial decision based on sound mathematical reasoning in order to run the business efficiently. They must understand the problem, and then apply math skills to solve it.

This course contains hundreds of filled-in examples, illustrations, practical applications, measures, procedures, rules of thumb, statistical data, exhibits, tables, graphs, and diagrams. They are presented to aid in the comprehension and successful solution of a particular problem. The reader will also learn when, why and how to use the appropriate computational method.

Course Publication Date: March 22, 2023

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Author:Delta CPE
Course No:FIN-BUSMATH-40143
Recommended CPE:17.00
Delivery Method:QAS Self Study
Level of Knowledge:Intermediate
Advanced Preparation:None
Recommended Field of Study:Finance
Learning Objectives
  • Compute the cost of credit using different methods.
  • Calculate due dates.
  • Define and compute the cost of capital.
  • Recognize the major steps in budget preparation.
  • Calculate a production budget.
  • Identify budget accuracy ratios.
  • Recognize importance of cash budgeting and the steps involved.
  • Identify different methods used for business forecasting.
  • Recognize how regression analysis can be used, and the implication of regression statistics.
  • Recognize the attributes of the Chi-Square test.
  • Identify key concepts behind the economic order quantity (EOQ).
  • Calculate inventory reorder point.
  • Recognize the concepts of the ABC inventory control method.
  • Identify key concepts behind the economic order quantity (EOQ).
  • Calculate inventory reorder point.
  • Recognize the concepts of the ABC inventory control method.
  • Recognize sales ratios used by management.
  • Calculate the relationships among price, costs, volume, and profit.
  • Identify how to calculate the break-even sales.
  • Recognize how the elasticity of demand affects total sales revenue.
  • Recognize how the risk-return tradeoff is important in decision making.
  • Calculate payback periods for different projects.
  • Calculate the present value and identify how to calculate the present value of an annuity.
  • Calculate the profitability index.
  • Recognize internal rate of return and capitalization rate.
  • Recognize some commonly used operating ratios.
  • Identify how to use charting to help communicate business operations.
  • Recognize the components of the balance sheet, including assets and equity.
  • Identify attributes of the income statement.
  • Recognize different ratios used in financial analysis, including liquidity, debt and profitability ratios.
  • Identify how management can use and improve ROI.
  • Compute residual income and identify how it is different than ROI.
  • Recognize how marginal analysis can used for business decisions.
  • Calculate average (mean), median, and mode.
  • Compute standard deviation.
  • Recognize the coefficient of variation and the normal distribution.
  • Recognize different types of insurance.
  • Identify insurance terms such coinsurance and fair payment.
  • Identify the basis for how much insurance is needed.
  • Recognize how to determine human resource needs.
  • Identify attributes of a benefits packages.
  • Recognize the cost factor of human resources and how it varies by organization types.
  • Recognize different methods used for determining the price of a business.

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