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  TAX-TANGPER-G10067 Capitalization of Tangible Personal Property 2.0011/21/2017 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-CURRENTDEV-4Q17 Current Tax Developments - Nov 2017 2.0011/28/2017 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-CURRENTDEV-4Q17 Current Accounting Developments - Dec 2017 2.0012/5/2017 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-TAXPLAN-G10117 Tax Planning Tips 1.5012/12/2017 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-GOVTRPT-G11017 Financial Reporting for State and Local Governments 3.0012/19/2017 10AM-1PM (Pacific Time) 
  ETH-VA-9017 Ethics for Virginia CPAs - Webinar 2.0012/26/2017 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-OPTRSU-G10097 Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units 2.001/2/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  BMO-HREMPL-4Q17 HR/Employment Update 2.001/9/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-GASB-G11008 GASB Updates 3.001/16/2018 10AM-1PM (Pacific Time) 
  ETH-VA-9017 Ethics for Virginia CPAs - Webinar 2.001/23/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  AUD-GOVTAUD-G11028 Audit of State and Local Governments 3.001/30/2018 10AM-1PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-PAYROLL-G10128 Payroll Tax and 1099 Review 2.002/6/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-VLOOKUP-G12008 "VLOOKUP" and Other EXCEL Lookup Functions 2.002/13/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-TAXSEAS-G10138 Gearing up for Tax Season - 1040 Update 2.002/20/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-IRD-G10088 Tax planning - Income in Respect of a Decedent 2.002/27/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-EXCELRPT-G12018 Automating Financial Statements with EXCEL 2.003/6/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-INVESTTAX-G10148 The Trusted Advisor - Investments and Taxes 2.003/13/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-CURRENTDEV-1Q18 Current Tax Developments - March 2018 2.003/20/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  ACT-CURRENTDEV-1Q18 Current Accounting Developments - March 2018 2.003/27/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-IRSUPDATE-G10158 IRS Updates 1.504/3/2018 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-PIVOT1-G12028 EXCEL Pivot Tables Part 1 2.004/10/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-PIVOT2-G12038 EXCEL Pivot Tables Part 2 2.004/17/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  TAX-HOMESALE-G10038 Tax Impact of Selling your Home 2.004/24/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-EXCELSPD-G12048 Creating Error-Proof Spreadsheets with EXCEL 2.005/1/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  COMP-EXCELFMT-G12058 Filtering and Formatting EXCEL Data 2.005/15/2018 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 


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