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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  BMO-SOLUTIONS-4586 101 Financial Solutions: Diagnosis and Remedy 10.50 
  BMO-MERGERS-4687 A Practical Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures 5.50 
  BMO-ESSENTIALS-4576 Business Essentials: Concepts and Tools 7.50 
  BMO-LEGALENV-466 Business Law: The Legal Environment of Business 12.00 
  BMO-DISASTER-0086 Disaster Plan Development 2.00 
  BMO-INTERNAL-2557 Effective Internal Controls for Small Businesses 1.50 
  BMO-SMALLBUS-4847 How to Organize and Run a Small Business 8.00 
  BMO-MANAGEMENT-4886 Management Handbook 8.00 
  BMO-SUPERVISE-4656 Modern Supervision 10.00 
  BMO-PROJMGT-40057 Project Management: A Financial Perspective 10.00 
  BMO-CFOATTRIB-0416 Skills and Attributes of Successful CFOs 1.00 
  BMO-POCKETMBA-4606 The Pocket MBA: Concepts and Strategies 13.00 
  BMO-ORGBEH-4966 Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior 14.00 


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