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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  TAX-1040-5397 1040 Workshop 30.00 
  TAX-EASYUP-5167-M 2017/2016 Easy Update & Inflation Adjustments 3.00 
  TAX-ACAER-3016 Affordable Care Act – Employer Rights & Responsibilities 3.00 
  TAX-ACAIND-3026 Affordable Care Act – Individual Rights & Responsibilities 2.00 
  TAX-ASSETPRO-5426 Asset Protection - Tax and Financial Aspects 18.00 
  TAX-ASSETPRO-5036-M Asset Protection Overview 2.00 
  TAX-AIC-5416 Assets, Income and Cash 15.00 
  TAX-AIC-5017-M Assets, Income and Cash Overview 2.00 
  TAX-AUTO-5046-M Auto Rules Overview 2.00 
  TAX-BANK-5057-M Bankruptcy Tax Issues Overview 2.00 
  TAX-FRINGE-5227-M Basic Fringe Benefits Overview 3.00 
  TAX-MARITAL-5287-M Basic Marital Tax Matters Overview 2.00 
  TAX-BUST-5446 Business Taxation 24.00 
  TAX-BUSTRAV-5096-M Business Travel & Entertainment Overview 2.00 
  TAX-COE-5476 Choice of Entity 22.00 
  TAX-COE-5117-M Choosing the Right Business Entity & Getting Cash Out of It 3.00 
  TAX-AICEST-5406 Complete Guide to Estate and Gift Taxation 35.00 
  TAX-CME-5466 Concepts & Mechanics of Exchanges 14.00 
  TAX-CORP-5486 Corporate Tax Planning 21.00 
  TAX-CORP-5137-M Corporate Taxation Overview 2.00 
  TAX-DEBT-5496 Dealing With Debt & Interest 18.00 
  TAX-DIVORCE-5506 Defensive Divorce 16.00 
  TAX-DIVORCE-5157-M Divorce Transfers & Settlements Overview 2.00 
  TAX-EITC-3036 Earned Income Credit 4.00 
  TAX-EDUBENE-3136 Education Tax Benefits 5.00 
  TAX-EDUCATE-5177-M Education Tax Benefits Overview 2.00 
  TAX-EITCDUE-3046 EITC Due Diligence 2.00 
  TAX-COMP-5126-M Employee Compensation & Benefits Overview 3.00 
  TAX-EMPLOY-0156 Employment Taxes 1.00 
  TAX-ENT-5186-M Entities & Title Overview 2.00 
  TAX-BUSLAW-5436 Essential Legal Concepts with Tax Analysis 29.00 
  TAX-ITS95-5267-M Estate Planning Overview 2.00 
  TAX-BUSEST-5067-M Estate Planning with Business Issues Overview 2.00 
  TAX-ITS95-5586 Estate Planning With Selected Issues 21.00 
  TAX-ESTTOOLS-5197-M Estate Tools & Trusts Overview 2.00 
  TAX-FAMILY-5526 Family Tax Planning 24.00 
  TAX-FAMILY-5207-M Family Tax Planning Overview 2.00 
  TAX-FASTRACK-5546 Fast Track Retirement Planning 17.00 
  TAX-FASTRACK-5217-M Fast-Track Retirement Planning Overview 3.00 
  TAX-FEDINC-3056 Federal Income Tax Changes - 2016 5.00 
  TAX-CASHOUT-5456 Getting Cash Out of Your Business 19.00 
  TAX-CASHOUT-5107-M Getting Cash Out of Your Business Overview 3.00 
  TAX-INDVCORP-5556 Guide to Federal Corporate & Individual Taxation 35.00 
  TAX-ACAPROV-3066 Healthcare Reform: The Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions 5.00 
  TAX-HOMEOFF-3076 Home Office Deduction 3.00 
  TAX-INSTALL-5246-M Installment Sales Overview 2.00 
  TAX-INTEREST-5257-M Interest and Debt Overview 2.00 
  TAX-MAKBBS-5596 Making the Best of Bad Situations 15.00 
  TAX-MAKBBS-5277-M Making the Best of Bad Situations Overview 2.00 
  TAX-MATCH-560 Matching Investments to Tax Savings Techniques 13.00 
  TAX-MCC-5297-M Medical, Charitable and Casualty Overview 2.00 
  TAX-PARTNER-561 Partnership Taxation 13.00 
  TAX-PARTNER-5617-M Partnership Taxation Overview 2.00 
  TAX-PAS-5317-M Passive Loss and At-Risk Rules Overview 2.00 
  TAX-PASSIVE-562 Passive Losses 10.00 
  TAX-PROPERTY-5327-M Property Dispositions Overview 2.00 
  TAX-RETPLANS-5337-M Retirement Plans Overview 3.00 
  TAX-SCORP-5346-M S Corporations Overview 3.00 
  TAX-BUSEXP-5077-M Selected Business Expenses Overview 2.00 
  TAX-DEBT-5146-M Selected Issues on Interest & Debt Overview 2.00 
  TAX-BUSLAW-5087-M Selected Legal Issues with Tax Analysis Overview 2.00 
  TAX-HEALTH-5237-M Selected Tax & Other Provisions of the 2010 Health Care Act 1.00 
  TAX-SPRET-5636 Special Problems in Real Estate Taxation 11.00 
  TAX-TFRET-5656 Tax & Financial Planning For Retirement 18.00 
  TAX-TAOIUI-566 Tax Analysis of Investments Using the Internet 10.00 
  TAX-TAOIUI-5356-M Tax Analysis of Investments Using the Internet Overview 2.00 
  TAX-IRAS-3096 Tax Treatment of Individual Retirement Arrangements 2.00 
  TAX-LIFEINS-3106 Tax Treatment of Life Insurance Proceeds 2.00 
  TAX-PENSANN-3126 Tax Treatment of Retirement Plans, Pensions and Annuities 3.00 
  TAX-SICKINJ-3116 Tax Treatment of Sickness & Injury Plans 3.00 
  TAX-TBFP-5676 Tax, Bankruptcy and Financial Problems 19.00 
  TAX-TBFP-5366-M Tax, Bankruptcy, and Financial Problems Overview 3.00 
  TAX-FASTMEGA-5536 The Ultimate Guide to Retirement Planning 32.00 
  TAX-TE-564 Travel, Entertainment & Auto Rules 16.00 


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