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 Course NoNameRecommended CPEDate & Time 
  ACT-FSS-6106 2016 FASB, SSARS and SAS Review 24.00  
  AUD-RULESCPA-0426 Accounting and Auditing: Guidance and Resources 1.00  
  AUD-AUDITDEV-6036 Auditing Developments 16.00  
  AUD-STD-G20167 Auditing Standards - Part 16 2.005/30/2017 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  AUD-STD-G20177 Auditing Standards - Part 17 2.006/6/2017 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  AUD-STD-G20187 Auditing Standards - Part 18 1.506/13/2017 10AM-11:30AM (Pacific Time) 
  AUD-CURRENTDEV-3Q17 Current Auditing Developments - Sept 2017 2.009/19/2017 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time) 
  AUD-FRAUDXLS-206 Fraud Audit Techniques Using Excel 2.00  
  AUD-ICFD-4056 Internal Control and Fraud Detection 9.00  
  AUD-SAS122-130-6076 Major Changes to Auditing Standards - Auditing Standards Board Clarity Project - SAS Nos. 122-130 8.00  
  AUD-MAKEMON-6056 Making Money with Special Engagements 12.00  
  AUD-PRACISSUE-6066 Practice Issues - Compilation and Review Update 20.00  
  AUD-FRAUDSCH-2216 Social Engineering Fraud Schemes 1.00  
  AUD-SOXXLS-2056 Spreadsheet Controls Under Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 1.50  
  ACT-TAXOCBOA-6117 Tax-Basis Financial Statements and Other Comprehensive Bases of Accounting (OCBOA) 8.00  
  AUD-FRAUDSTMT-0126 The Detection and Prevention of Fraud in Financial Statements 6.00  
  AUD-SSARS21-6016 The New Compilation and Review Standards SSARS No. 21: Clarification and Recodification 10.00  
  AUD-FRAUDWHO-0246 Who Commits Fraud and Their Methods 1.00  


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