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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  SKA-COMPIT-4946 Accountant's Guide to Computers and Information Technology 5.50 
  SKA-EXCELARRAYS-2116 Arrays: A Powerful Excel Tool 1.50 
  SKA-COMPSEC-4956 Computer Security 9.00 
  SKA-CUSTOMFUNC-2306 Creating Custom Functions in Excel 1.00 
  SKA-EXCELCHARTS-2026 Creating Effective Charts 3.00 
  SKA-EXCELDEC-2567 Decision-Making Functions in Excel 1.50 
  SKA-DASHEXCEL-2407 Drive Your Dashboard with Excel 5.50 
  SKA-EXCELCHARTS-2136 Dynamic & Interactive Charts - Excel 2007/2010/2013 1.50 
  SKA-ECOMM-4996 E-Commerce: Application and Technology 7.00 
  SKA-TIMEVALUE-2437 Excel Time Value of Money Functions for CPAs 2.00 
  SKA-EXCELTIPS-209 Excel Tips, Tricks and Tools for CPAs 3.00 
  SKA-EXCELBEST-2447 Excel Worksheets – Best Practices 2.00 
  SKA-FINFORE-2557 Financial Forecasting Tools: Using Excel and Financial Ratios to Build a Forecast 1.50 
  SKA-GCREF-404 Guide to Commercial Real Estate and Finance 11.50 
  SKA-DATAEXCEL-2356 Managing Data with Excel 2.00 
  SKA-EXCELFUNCS-2176 Must Know Excel Functions for CPAs 4.50 
  SKA-OPTIMIZE-2326 Optimizing Search Results with Google 1.00 
  AUD-SOXXLS-2056 Spreadsheet Controls Under Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 1.50 
  SKA-PIVOT-2336 Use Pivot Tables to Organize, Summarize & Analyze Data 2.00 
  SKA-SOLVER-2347 Using Excel 2010-2016 Solver for Optimum Business Solutions 1.50 


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