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 Course NoNameRecommended CPE 
  ACT-FASB-6106 2016 FASB Review 16.00 
  ACT-FSS-6106 2016 FASB, SSARS and SAS Review 24.00 
  ACT-IFRS-4596 A Guide to IFRS 1.50 
  ACT-CFOTOOLS-4866 Accounting - Tools and Metrics for CFOs 13.50 
  ACT-ACTFIN-4706 Accounting and Finance for Business Analysis 14.50 
  ACT-DERIV-4726 Accounting for Derivatives 2.50 
  ACT-EPS-4696 Accounting for Earnings per Share 1.50 
  ACT-FORCUR-4836 Accounting for Foreign Currency 2.00 
  ACT-INCTAX-4736 Accounting for Income Taxes 2.50 
  ACT-INVEST-40077 Accounting for Investments 2.50 
  ACT-LEASE-4746 Accounting for Leases 3.50 
  ACT-MANAGEMENT-4756 Accounting for Management: Concepts and Tools 7.50 
  ACT-PENSION-4767 Accounting for Pensions and Postretirement Benefits 4.00 
  ACT-RISKMGT-0226 Accounting Practitioner’s Documentation for Risk Management 3.00 
  ACT-ACTREC-2037 Accounts Receivable Best Practices for Small to Medium Sized Commercial Entities 2.50 
  ACT-CORPRPT-4777 Analysis of the Corporate Annual Report 3.50 
  ACT-COSTDATA-4786 Analyzing Cost Data for Management 9.00 
  ACT-ASSETS-40016 Balance Sheet: Reporting Assets 4.50 
  ACT-LIABILITIE-40036 Balance Sheet: Reporting Liabilities 3.00 
  ACT-EQUITIES-40026 Balance Sheet: Reporting Stockholder’s Equity 2.00 
  ACT-COMBCONS-40046 Business Combinations and Consolidated Financial Reporting 4.00 
  ACT-COSTMGT-4716 Cost Management: Accounting and Control 13.00 
  ACT-CURRENTDEV-6086 Current Developments – Accounting and Financial Reporting 16.00 
  ACT-GAAP-6046 Everything You Never Wanted To Know About GAAP 16.00 
  ACT-FAIRVALUE-7026 Fair Value Accounting: An Overview 5.00 
  ACT-FAIRVALUE-4796 Fair Value Accounting: Tools and Concepts 2.50 
  ACT-FINRATIOS-210 Financial Ratio Analysis - Practical Uses for the CPA 4.00 
  ACT-DISCLOSURE-4856 Full Disclosure in Financial Reporting 2.00 
  ACT-IFRSUSA-7046 IFRS in the U.S.A.: An Implementation Guide 6.00 
  ACT-IFRSERRORS-7056 IFRS: Accounting Changes and Error Corrections 1.00 
  ACT-IFRSEPT-7066 IFRS: Earnings per Share 1.50 
  ACT-IFRSEVENTS-7076 IFRS: Events after the Reporting Period 1.00 
  ACT-IFRSPRESENT-7086 IFRS: Presentation of IFRS Financial Statements 3.00 
  ACT-IFRSSEGS-7106 IFRS: Segment Reporting 1.50 
  ACT-NONPROF-40066 Not-For-Profit Accounting: Reporting and Analysis 4.00 
  ACT-REVMAR-204 Revenue and Margin Analysis 1.00 
  ACT-RRNG-4066 Revenue Recognition: The New Guidelines 4.50 
  ACT-ENTGAAP-4896 Specialized Industry GAAP: Entertainment 2.50 
  ACT-REALGAAP-490 Specialized Industry GAAP: Real Estate 1.50 
  ACT-CASHFLOWS-4616 Statement of Cash Flows: Reporting and Analysis 2.50 


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